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FREE MP3 Downloads! Discover New Music with The Independent (UK)

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Designed by Chris Williams @ Monkey With A Pen

Are you in the mood to discover new music and artists for FREE? Well, the UK ‘The Independent’ with Navigator and Reveal Records are offering free listens and downloads of around 30 songs. I haven’t been able to listen to them all, but they’re supposed to be a mix of soft rock and folksie sounds.

Click here to listen and download!

FREE Tracks:

1. I Love The Sun / Jon Redfern
2. Love Has Left The Room / A Camp
3. Tin Drum / Dead Air
4. Nothing I Can Do / Gramercy Arms
5. Harvest Gypsies / Kris Drever
6. Red Flowers / Mascott
7. Fever Dream / Nels Andrews
8. The Ride / Joan As Police Woman
9. Call America / Madam
10. Don’t Worry / Jon Redfern & Becky Unthank
11. Muddy Water / Boo Hewerdine
12. Sand In My Shoes / Dean Owens
13. Whispering Grass / Heidi Talbot
14. Into The Blue / Kris Drever, John McCusker, Roddy Woomble
15. 23A / The Martin Green Machine
16. Roll Her Down The Bay / Bellowhead
17. The Gardener / Rachael McShane
18. Albion / Chris Wood
19. Beads & Feathers/ Sandy Wright (exclusive track from the forthcoming album)
20. Ghosts / Angel Brothers
21. People Like Me / Alyth
22. Will I See Thee More / John McCusker’s Under One Sky (feat. Jim Causley)
23. Sea / Aidan O’Rourke
24. Tears Of The Sun / Inge Thomson & Martin Green – Exclusive track from the forthcoming album
25. The Rains It Rains / Spiers And Boden
26. The New Deserter / Faustus
27. I Am The Song / Mawkin:Causley
28. Under Their Breath / Jon Boden
29. Horizontigo / Lau
30. Mark The Hard Earth / Kris Drever (exclusive from forthcoming album)

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