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Kris Allen’s New Album ‘Thank You Camellia’ now Available! (With Links to Reviews!)

May 22, 2012 Leave a comment

** Listen to an official stream via Myplaydirect.Com **

Hey, hey, hey… Kris Allen’s sophomore album ‘Thank You Camellia‘ is now out on iTunes and Amazon!!! I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but just based on the samples, my fave is the very cheery Better With You! Here’s a round-up of album reviews for you to check out! *Let me know if there are any more out there since I could only find two!

  • ” irrepressibly buoyant sophomore set”
  • Yahoo Music: Reality Rocks: “Thank You Camellia was well worth the wait… there’s a homespun, cozy quality to the entire disc”
Listen to “Vision of Love”

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Adam Lambert’s New Album ‘Trespassing’ now Available iTunes! (With Links to Reviews!)

May 15, 2012 Leave a comment

** Listen to an official stream via AdamOfficial **

Hey, hey, hey… Adam Lambert’s sophomore album ‘Trespassing‘ is now out on iTunes (and Amazon later today)!!! I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but just based on the samples, I already loved Cuckoo! Here’s a round-up of album reviews for you to check out! *Let me know if there are any more out there that I haven’t listed here!

  • AllMusic: “sound like inevitable hits and prove that Lambert is a genuine pop star who has now left American Idol far behind”
  • Advocate: Hot Sheet: “Standout tracks include the liberating “Cuckoo”and the stirring equality anthem “Outlaws of Love.””
  • NY Daily News: “For his follow-up, “Trepassing,” Lambert tips the music in a dancier direction, blatantly courting current radio trends.”
  • Rolling Stone: “So here’s the great pop album everybody was hoping Adam Lambert would make…”
  • US Weekly: “”The American Idol season 8 runner-up starves off a sophomore slump with a steamy second postshow CD”
  • USA Today: ” the album that fans of the former American Idol runner-up have been wanting from him.” (Here’s the track-by-track review)
  • Hitfix: “The 15-track set is awash in Lambert’s influences: the aforementioned Queen and Michael Jackson, as well as Scissor Sisters, George Michael, and, even, Parliament.”
  • Houston Chronicle: “This is fierce, fun dance music, lifted high into the heavens by Lambert’s supernatural range – and expert help from Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke, Nile Rodgers, Sam Sparro, Bruno Mars and Lester Mendez.”
  • Washington Times: “These songs are steeped in contemporary R&B, ‘80s hair metal, glittery dance-pop and modern-day club culture…. it’s also a career-defining album for Mr. Lambert”
  • Newsday: “a well-crafted collision of electronic dance pop and upper-register, booming vocals mostly about pushing the envelope and enjoying life.”
  • Slant Magazine: “The dance-floor-ready pop anthems that comprise the bulk of Trespassing make sense for a post-Gaga pop landscape. “
  • The Miami Herald: “Stick to the infectious first half, and you’ll be in aerobic dance heaven.”
  • Fab Magazine: “Trespassing is worth checking out for the first seven high-energy numbers alone.”
  • Billboard: ” The first half of “Trespassing” frolics through well-worn funk, house and electro-pop tropes, but the club capers never get stale, thanks to Lambert’s vocal charisma and ridiculous power.”
  • The Hollywood Reporter: “plenty of uptempo glittery pop along with more revealing ballads all of which showcase Lambert’s ridiculous range. “
  • San Francisco Chronicle: “Simply put, this guy probably has the best voice of any pop star working today. Even on less-than-stellar material, his soaring voice that then swoops down to a whisper can take your breath away.”
  • People Magazine- May 28, 2012 (iPad edition): “The title cut rocks a Queen stomp while the funky Kickin’ In recalls early George Michael”
  • Chicago Tribune A&E: “The very precise bifurcation of “Trespassing” has the album starting off with seven breezy, boiler-plate dance-pop tracks before it finishes off with five somber and balladic numbers that make somewhat good on Lambert’s promise to get more personal.”
  • Gawker.Com: “Adam Lambert’s consistently electrifying second album, Tresspassing (out this week), is that freedom set to music.”
  • JSOnline: Tap: “With the able assistance of producers like Pharrell Williams and Dr. Luke, Lambert polishes the mirrors of his dance club until they reflect every pose with sensuous clarity.”
  • eMusic Review: “Deftly idiosyncratic razzle-dazzle with an operatic intensity… it’s the slower, more sensual cuts like “Broken English” and “Outlaws of Love” that best showcase his inimitable wail.”
Listen to “Never Close Our Eyes”

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FREE MP3 Download – Adam Lambert’s ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ via Q92.9 (@Qburgh) Q-uesday

January 31, 2012 4 comments

Hey, hey, hey… I’m sure Adam Lambert’s loyal fans have already snapped up his new single (now out on iTunes & Amazon), but if you haven’t yet (or you’re still in the undecided corner), Adam’s song  is the Q92.9 Q-uesday (Free Download Every Tuesday) free track for the next 24 hours!

Tuesday is now Q-uesday with FREE Downloads every week!

Every Tuesday is a different new song for you to download free and keep. Enjoy it on your iPod as our way of saying thanks for listening to Q92.9. Just come to here each Q-uesday and for 24 hours download a new song to enjoy.

Listen to “Better Than I Know Myself”

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Adam Lambert’s New Single ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ now Available iTunes!

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

** Listen to official streams via AdamOfficial and VEVO YouTube **

Hey, hey, hey… Adam Lambert’s new single now out on iTunes (and Amazon later today)!!! I personally love it (here’s my quickie review!), but here’s a round-up of single reviews for those who want a second opinion! *Let me know if there are any more out there that I haven’t listed here!

  • Digital Spy: “a rousing melody and anthemic, fist-clenching chorus”
  • MTV Buzzworthy: “one of Adam’s biggest, boldest and most beautiful tracks to date”
  • ArjanWrites: “a massive new single that has hit, hit, hit written all over it”
  • Music Prophet: ” a perfect piece of pop music”
  • PopCrush: “a lush, sweeping mid-tempo song about an enduring love”
  • Allure of Sound: “should have a strong presence on pop radio”
  • Hitfix: ” it sure sounds like he knows what he wants to craft a radio-ready pop song”
  • PopBlend: “have had it on repeat”
  • AOL Music Blog: ” gifted vocals soar on the new song”
  • muumuse: “Great news — it’s really, really good”
  • PopJustice: “actually is brilliant”
  • Vulture (NY Mag): “Because we love it. Deal with it”
  • OMFG Music: “pure pop gold”

Oh, and for those who don’t have the extra cash right now, this uber-generous Adam fan is offering to gift copies!

Listen to “Better Than I Know Myself”

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Five things I like about Adam Lambert’s New Single ‘Better Than I Know Myself’! (Now With Official Stream!)

December 17, 2011 1 comment

ETA: Yes, we now have an official stream! Via AdamOfficial and VEVO YouTube!

Well, basically, Adam Lambert‘s new single ‘Better Than I Know Myself‘ off his sophomore record ‘Trespassing‘ just leaked (It was playing on Malaysia’s version of Spotify called WowCloud so it got ripped fast). And now it’s on YouTube! (only a matter of time before RCA pulls it though).

Here’s a quick review (aka Five things I like about it!)

  • It’s a grower! (I was a bit ‘I dunno’ on first listen, but it sounds better and better the more you listen to it)
  • The bridge is really lovely! (Listen to around 2 mins in – it gets real quiet and vulnerable, before building up to the wail-y chorus again – can you imagine how this will sound acoustic? and live? Plus the pretty self-harmonizing? ETA: Claude re-wrote the bridge for Adam per his tweet)
  • Think of the music video possibilities! (Check out the lyrics- Very emotional. Very relationship-centered. Very MM!)
  • Flawless vocals (No, he is not overprocessed!)
  • Sue me – I like the drum beat (Dr Luke & Claude Kelly doing a Ryan Tedder!)
Listen to “Better Than I Know Myself”

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Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Live CD/DVD Listening Party! (Free Stream)

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Oh wow, AdamOfficial just put up the entire Glam Nation Live CD/DVD for a FREE live streaming Listening Party! I’m currently listening to it – and Holy!S__t! Adam sounds incredible (even with a LoFi stream!) The vocals are A++ (I would not mind it if Adam releases a live CD per album) and I’m just smiling ear-to-ear here like some idiot! Thank you so much to RCA for releasing this!

March 22 cannot come fast enought for me so I can have the CD/DVD in my hands :)

If you haven’t pre-ordered the live CD/DVD yet, be sure to pre-order it NOW from iTunes, Amazon or B&N! Remember, you can catch a video preview on Adam’s Vevo channel :)

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Currently Listening to David Archuleta’s ‘Something ‘Bout Love’

July 20, 2010 1 comment


** Check out David Archuleta’s new single Something ‘Bout Love! Now available for download on iTunes or Amazon. **

To be perfectly honest, I really didn’t much like David Archuleta’s new single ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ the first time I heard it. No particular reason – it definitely sounded a lot poppier, dancier and synth-ier than I was used to for an Archuleta song – but just didn’t think there was anything special to it. Listened a couple of times, and then promptly forgot all about it.

And then a funny thing happened … I had this annoying tune stuck in my head that wouldn’t budge. Kept on humming “Whoa oh oh oh.. (mumble mumble)” which reeallly annoyed the hell out of me, especially since I had no idea which song had got stuck in my head. [p.s. This happened to me before - I hated Lady Gaga's Alejandro, but I kept on humming that annoying chorus (Ale-ale-alejandro!!!) for days afterwards.] Anyway, to make a long story short, yep, it was ‘Something ‘Bout Love’.

So, in other words, maybe this will be David’s second Top 40 hit (after Crush)? Really annoying hooks that involuntarily get embedded in one’s subconscious tend to become hits, and this one seems to be just commercial & non-threatening enough to do it. Besides, for some odd reason, the song sounds better and better (and less annoying) the more I listen to it, go figure! And is it just me or do you also hear a hint of ‘Zero Gravity’ and a bit of the synth-pop sound of Owl City’s Adam Young?

“There’s somethin’ ’bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh
It sets you free”

Let’s repeat that to infinity, shall we? Yeah, I surrender to the magical powers of hook-songwriters – so, yes, I’ve plunked down the $1.29 for the ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ iTunes track, and I’m placing it on repeat until someone yells at me to turn it down ;) (p.s. the iTunes version has a surprise ending!)

Listen to “Something ‘Bout Love” (Radio Edit)


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Currently Listening To… Sara Bareilles’ King Of Anything

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment
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Radio’s summer jam may be Katy Perry’s California Gurls, but MY jam is Sara Bareilles’ latest single ‘King Of Anything‘. It’s off her new album ‘Kaleidoscope Heart’ that you can pre-order right now (iTunes, Amazon). She just released the official music video on iTunes – and while I don’t really like the video, I do love the catchy song. I just don’t get the video though – what does it have to do with the song? The only parts I like on the video were the spoons & forks arranged like piano notes – but again – what does that have to do with the song?!

The track itself, however, has really caught my ear – I like that it’s such an ironically angry song. She’s asking – who made you king of anything? who gave you the right to dictate to me? But the angry or sarcastic message is in contrast to the lilty and happy and frankly bubble-gum-fun tune. The contrast reminds me of Lily Allen’s angry ode to Pres. Bush (F**k You) that’s similarly gift-wrapped in a sweet tune.

What’s YOUR summer jam?


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