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Today’s Picks: FREE eBooks for Download (July 13 2013)

So, how many of you have bought a Kindle OR if you haven’t bought a Kindle yet, whataya waiting for? Amazon has an ALL-NEW family : eInk – Kindle ($69), Kindle Paperwhite ($119) / Kindle Paperwhite 3G ($179), Kindle Keyboard 3G ($139) Or the larger sized Graphite Kindle DX. And tabletKindle Fire ($159)Kindle Fire HD ($199)Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ ($299) and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless ($499)!

(If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry, you can still read the free books! Just download the Kindle for the PC, Kindle for the iPhone/iPod Touch, Kindle for the iPad, Kindle for BlackBerry or Kindle for Android!) And guess what, Kindle now supports library borrowing (US only)! (See Borrow Kindle Books from Your Local Library)

Well, time to fill your Kindle with FREEBIES! p.s. For the bargain conscious – check out ALL my bargain posts HERE! Also be sure to check out the July 100 Kindle Books for $3.99 or Less Sale!

Comic-Con Strikes Again! (Kindle Single) by Douglas Wolk

Comic-Con Strikes Again!‘ (Kindle Single) by Douglas Wolk is available for FREE download on the Amazon US Kindle site. Just click here to download!

Book Description

Comic-Con International is the world capital of fandom. Every year, 130,000 people flock to San Diego for a five-day marathon of Hollywood star power, sensory overload, gigantic shopping bags, grand feats of imagination, tacky nostalgia, very long lines, and people dressed up as Princess Leia. It’s the place where people who love the fantastic side of culture go to express that love, and where the companies that want to sell them fantasies in every possible medium try desperately to woo them. Douglas Wolk (author of the Eisner Award-winning “Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean”) plunges into Comic-Con’s bizarre collision of fans and franchises, and looks at what happens when the marketers of movies, TV shows, comics and games meet their most devoted, most demanding consumers.


Check out the other freebies after the jump!

The Guy Not Taken: An eShort Story by Jennifer Weiner

The Guy Not Taken: An eShort Story‘ by Jennifer Weiner (Atria Books) is available for FREE download on the Amazon US Kindle site. Just click here to pre-order! Also at Amazon CA.

Book Description

Jennifer Weiner’s talent shines like never before in this collection of short stories, following the tender, and often hilarious, progress of love and relationships over the course of a lifetime. From a teenager coming to terms with her father’s disappearance to a widow accepting two young women into her home, Weiner’s eleven stories explore those transformative moments in our every day.

We meet Marlie Davidow, home alone with her new baby late one Friday night, when she wanders onto her ex’s online wedding registry and wonders what if she had wound up with the guy not taken. We stumble on Good in Bed’s Bruce Guberman, liquored-up and ready for anything on the night of his best friend’s bachelor party, until stealing his girlfriend’s tiny rat terrier becomes more complicated than he’d planned. We find Jessica Norton listing her beloved New York City apartment in the hope of winning her broker’s heart. And we follow an unlikely friendship between two very different new mothers, and the choices that bring them together — and pull them apart.

The Guy Not Taken demonstrates Weiner’s amazing ability to create characters who “feel like they could be your best friend” (Janet Maslin) and to find hope and humor, longing and love in the hidden corners of our common experiences.


Power for Living by T. D. Jakes

The Deborah Company: becoming a woman who makes a difference‘ by T. D. Jakes (Destiny Image) is available for FREE download on the Amazon US Kindle site. Just click here to download! Also at Amazon UK and Amazon CA.

Book Description

God is looking for Deborah’s — women who dare to make a positive difference in all they do.

Have you realized your full potential? Have you explored all you can be? Are you a woman of influence?

Deborah, the judge and prophetess, was filled with Holy Spirit revelation and employed divine wisdom and strategies to influence her world. She exemplified boldness, courage, and the heart of a true worshiper as she also maintained balance in managing her responsibilities.

The Deborah Company is an inspiring combination of historical and modern women who made or are making a positive difference in their church, home, community, and world.

The author’s personal experiences, sprinkled with humor, will encourage you to overcome the challenges that women uniquely face in gender-biased church cultures, in secular society, as well as in balancing the call of God through strong marriages and families.

Not just for women, this book is also for Christian men and church leaders who should know how women can best fulfill their role and destiny in His Kingdom.


Freebies from Stackpole Books

The Face of Courage: The 98 Men Who Received the Knight's Cross and the Close-Combat Clasp in Gold by Florian Berger Green Birding: How to See More Birds and Protect the Environment at the Same Time by Richard Gregson


Here’s  a sampling of free indies / self pub / backlist books that I picked out as interesting for me (and will probably be free for a short time only)…

The Angry Woman Suite by Lee Fullbright Murder Comes Unraveled: A Flock and Fiber Mystery by Veryl Ann Grace Love Letters by Geraldine Solon The Memoirs of a Prague Executioner by Josef Svátek Vengeful Games: A Novel (Bad Games Series, #2) by Jeff Menapace LATITUDE 38 by Ron Hutchison
A World Without Angels (The Aron Angels) by Jamie Campbell The Hazing Tower by Leland Roys Trust In Me (Covington Family & Friends) by Carla Buchanan The Floating Boy (Heretics in Occupied Eden) by Kenneth Alan Moe The Creators (The Creators Series Book Two) by Devin Rice The SMACK by Mark Wooley


Enjoy the freebies! And please, take the time out to share this post with your friends!

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