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Today’s Picks: FREE eBooks for Download (April 17)

So, how many of you have bought a Kindle OR if you haven’t bought a Kindle yet, whataya waiting for? Amazon has an ALL-NEW family : eInk – Kindle ($69), Kindle Paperwhite ($119) / Kindle Paperwhite 3G ($179), Kindle Keyboard 3G ($139) Or the larger sized Graphite Kindle DX. And tabletKindle Fire ($159)Kindle Fire HD ($199)Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ ($299) and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless ($499)!

(If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry, you can still read the free books! Just download the Kindle for the PC, Kindle for the iPhone/iPod Touch, Kindle for the iPad, Kindle for BlackBerry or Kindle for Android!) And guess what, Kindle now supports library borrowing (US only)! (See Borrow Kindle Books from Your Local Library)

Well, time to fill your Kindle with FREEBIES! p.s. For the bargain conscious – check out ALL my bargain posts HERE! Also be sure to check out the April 100 Kindle Books for $3.99 or Less Sale!

I Can Read!: 100 Tips for Beginning Readers

I Can Read!: 100 Tips for Beginning Readers‘ (HarperCollins) is available for FREE download on the Amazon US Kindle site. Just click here to download! Also at Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and B&N.

Book Description

Discover one hundred fun activities and tips to help children become enthusiastic readers, in this brand-new guide from I Can Read!

These tips cover the essentials of learning to read—from making the connection between letters and sounds to understanding key plot points. Specifically designed to engage children and reinforce the Common Core Standards for Reading, I Can Read: 100 Tips for Beginning Readers shows how to make reading a positive, joyful experience for parents, teachers, and children.

Widely recognized as the premier line of beginning readers, I Can Read! books are organized into color-coded levels. With hundreds of titles featuring award-winning authors and illustrators and beloved character friends such as Pete the Cat, Fancy Nancy, Amelia Bedelia, Biscuit, Splat the Cat, the Berenstain Bears, Little Critter, Superman, Frog and Toad, and more, you’re sure to find books at every stage and level to engage and excite your child.

Check out the other freebies after the jump!

Harvesting Ashwood Minnesota 2037 by Cynthia Kraack

Harvesting Ashwood: Minnesota 2037‘ by Cynthia Kraack (North Star Press) is available for FREE download on the Amazon US Kindle site. Just click here to download! Also at Amazon UK, and Amazon CA.

Book Description

In the decade following the horrible depression of the 2020s, hard work and determination have brought a sense of security to Anne Hartford and her extended family. Finally, no one on the estate experiences hunger, everyone has a warm bed and the children receive a good education.

The residents of the U.S. metropolitan areas may not fare as well. A nation that so recently experienced hunger and deprivation could be devastated again, if rumors of government trading of precious agricultural commodities prove to be true. A diminished population has caused government, private industry and the military to compete for labor.

In looking at the rich fields of the Ashwood estate, Anne Hartfords greatest concern is finding people who can harvest the crops in 2037, now that government-assigned labor is no longer available. Suddenly, Annes husband is abducted while on a Department of Energy trip to South American. A strange bureaucrat arrives at Ashwood, allegedly to manage media interests. Dual scandals rock her family as well as the country, posing troubling questions about the rights of children, the role of big government and the self-determination of individuals.

Harvesting Ashwood: Minnesota 2037 is a provocative story told in the speculative fiction tradition of George Orwell.


Free for those in the UK only

Christianish: What If We're Not Really Following Jesus at All? by Mark Steele

Christianish: What If We’re Not Really Following Jesus at All?‘ by Mark Steele (David C. Cook) is available for FREE download on the Amazon UK Kindle site. Just click here to download!

Book Description

It may feel like authentic faith. It may even look like the real deal. Yet it’s often easy to settle for the souvenir t-shirt—the appearance of a transformed heart—instead of taking the actual trip through true life-change. We find ourselves settling for a personal faith that’s been polluted by culture, and diluted by other people’s take on spirituality.

Christianish tells the story of one man’s journey to move from the in-between to a life that’s centered on Christ. To move forward, author Mark Steele goes back to the beginning, to examine Christ’s life and words. Through stories and insights that are sometimes profound, often hilarious, and always honest, Mark delivers a compelling look at what our faith is all about.


Free for those in the UK only

Answers to Pastors' FAQs by Warren W. Wiersbe and Howard F. Sugden

Answers to Pastors’ FAQs‘ by Warren W. Wiersbe and Howard F. Sugden (David C. Cook) is available for FREE download on the Amazon UK Kindle site. Just click here to download!

Book Description

Imagine what it would be like to have two highly respected pastors agree to help you tackle every tough situation that you and your church will face in the coming years. That is exactly what you have in this one-of-a-kind resource from Dr. Warren Wiersbe and Howard Sugden. Pulled from decades of pastoral experience, Wiersbe and Sugden provide answers that you won’t find in seminaries—answers that both new and experienced pastors need to know to survive and thrive in ministry.


Freebies from Endeavour Press

The Soho Anarchist (The Hester Lynton Mysteries - Casebook Two) by Tony Evans Love on a Plate by Susan Willis The Dante Conspiracy by Tom Kasey Out of this World: Spielberg's Greatest Film by Brian Hannan Love's Will by Meredith Whitford


Freebies from Wild Rose Press

Rain Is A Love Song (The Red Hand Conspiracy) by Vonnie Davis Cry Against the Wind (Santa Rita Series) by Fleeta Cunningham An Accidental Kiss (Dearly Beloved) by Dawn Douglas Heartbreaker by Monica Robinson Vertigo by Gwenan Haines


Here’s  a sampling of free indies / self pub / backlist books that I picked out as interesting for me (and will probably be free for a short time only)…

Gray Justice (Tom Gray #1) by Alan McDermott The Secrets of Moonshine (The Moonshine Series) by Denise Daisy Undetectable (Great Minds Thriller) by M. C. Soutter Twice Begun by Reina Lisa Menasche The Witch's Dream (The Order of the Black Swan, Book 2) by Victoria Danann The Grimm Chronicles, Vol. 1 by Isabella Fontaine, Chris Smith, Dagny Holt and Ken Brosky
Jesus Loves Me This I Know (A Bible Based Children's Picture Book) by Kimberly Bennet Scottish Rite: A Maggie Devereaux Mystery (#1) by Stephen Penner Charity Moon (Charity Series Book 1) by DeAnna Kinney One Chance by Daniel Patterson The Magic In The Receiver by Paul Dillon FURIES: An Ancient Alexandrian Thriller by D.L. Johnstone


Enjoy the freebies!

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